FEST: Hijacking Music Festival - 07.17 in ATL

I found out about this festival from Parker Newell, the guitarist for the band Odist - an AWESOME band who are playing at the event. Odist is pretty bad-ass to catch live. I know. I've been to their shows in Athens! The music is intense, and watching them play LIVE only intensifies that. I'm not very familiar with all the other bands playing, but heck...$10 for all of these performers? Sounds like a deal to me. Don't miss it!

The lineup consists of:
  • Arablak
  • Jungol
  • Miles From Pangea
  • Pschedubasaurus REX
  • The Humboldt Trio
  • Bodegas Brovas
  • DT of Clan Destined
  • Sneaky Hand
  • Before the Solstice
  • Holy Ghost
  • Paperwork
  • Relapse
  • Tricil
  • Uprise Dub
For more information about this festival, and a FREE sampler download visit: www.hijackingmusic.com

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