GALLERY: H.E.R. Hip Hop Showcase - 04.09.10

About a month ago, I attended the First Annual H.E.R. Hip Hop Showcase in Athens, GA.

Pardon my language, but this event kicked ass. A LOT of energy from both the crowd and the performers flowed continuously through the night. Especially for a show that included 7 (SEVEN!) scheduled performances and a show that kept the New Earth Music Hall bumping from 9pm until past 2 am! A couple hours prior to the show, a panel discussion and mixer were also held at the same location.

The showcase featured the following artists, listed in order of performance. Click on each name to find out more on each artist.

I gotta admit that before attending, I hadn't heard of any of these performers. And I'm kinda picky with the hip-hop I like to listen too. With few exceptions, in the likes of Nappy Roots and Blackalicious, I haven't found hip-hop of recent years to be as good as it was for me in my day. But after this showcase, I realize it is out there... just waiting to be discovered.
Click on image below for gallery.

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