LISTEN: Vitamin-D - Bridge

Before a single word is even said, the album's first song, Keeper, starts with repetitive typewriter sounds. The first four strokes, like the sound of someone knocking on your door. Almost as if to say, here we are...open up and invite us in...we've got stories to share with you.

So you open up, let them inside, and suddenly you are in this magical place. With sweet melodies and a variety of instruments enchanting you...delighting you. (Who knew the sound of a typewriter could be such an innovative addition to music!)

After first hearing this song, I found myself intrigued to know more about the artists. The more of their album I listened to, the easier it was to confirm that Vitamin-D is definitely a "keeper" in my collection.

Dennis Cronin's vocals are emotional, yet simple and subtle. Contrasting perfectly with the multitude of instruments. They tell the stories of the songs, without sounding like an overblown theatrical production. The music is delightfully rich and colorful.

I love to listen to this album in the evenings, especially when I've had a rather harping day, and just escape. With my eyes closed, I can let myself get lost in their music. Each song is like discovering a new place in the dreamworld they've helped me to create.

Interesting that the album is called, Bridge, and four songs use that in the titles. Since the purpose of a bridge is to provide a connection, from one point to another, it's definitely fitting here. The songs of Bridge, alone, are wonderful. But, whether interchanged or in order, there is another layer of enrichment to experience when listened to collectively.

Alas, I will select only 3 to list as the best tracks from Bridge (2009).
Best tracks

Look forward to catching a show some time. I would love to see them perform live, and experience yet another dimension to their music.

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