LISTEN: The Goodfight - Good & Evil (A Double EP)

The Goodfight. This one man rock-n-roll band, is also known as Jonathan Rich. And let me tell you... this artist chose an appropriate moniker to go by. Emphasized, more so after listening to his most recent release.

The phrase, "To fight the good fight." has religious origins, but generally, it summons one to keep having faith, believe in it, and then share that good with others.

So, here I am... with renewed faith and belief in the music of today. Happy there is still plenty of talent existing out there who have yet to be discovered among the 'mass-produced-and-manufactured' sounding stuff.

This album is a clear example of that existing talent. And now, I'm glad to do my part by sharing with you.

Good & Evil (2009) is a double EP that should not be missed.

Best tracks -
Side 1: We Are Far Too Easily Pleased
Best tracks - Side 2: Holiday
Jonathan's edgy vocals, expressive lyrics and fluid melodies are like the perfect storm. All combining just right, and thus expressing the passion and depth of his music.

I had a hard time picking the best tracks overall, so I went with picking the best of both sides. That was still challenging.

Each side of the double EP has a distinctness that sets them apart. Each song, individually, stands well on its own. What I think really makes this album stellar, is that when listened to from beginning to end, they cohesively create something more incredible and bring the music of The Goodfight, to a whole other level.

I'm glad someone found it necessary to share this music with me, and now it's my turn to do the same. Click on the links throughout this blog, or on the link below to hear for yourself.

The Goodfight Audio Player

Then go get the album here:

The Goodfight Webstore

I'm so excited that this artist is based right out of Athens/Atlanta, GA. I look forward to catching a live show soon, so I can share about it with all of you here. And it looks like he's got a couple coming up! Hope I can make one of them!

The Masquerade
Jun 18 2009
7:30 pm
695 North Avenue NE
Atlanta, Georgia

Eddie’s Attic
Aug 22 2009
8:00 pm
515-B North McDonough Street (upstairs)
Decatur, Georgia

Meanwhile, keep 'fighting the good fight'...

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