REALLY?: Mass Solo Revolt Rocks a New Guitarist

Mass Solo Revolt - Tasty World (Upstairs) Athens, GA - 03.14.09
photo courtesy of Catherine Wright



Mass Solo Revolt has made changes to their lineup. You may have noticed in the recent gallery pics (Go Bar on 02.28.09), there were only 3 of the guys playing.

Derek left the band. But, wish him well in his pursuits and endeavors. I certainly enjoyed his contribution to Mass Solo Revolt.

Mass Solo Revolt
photo coutesy of Catherine Wright

I hate that I missed the Tasty World show the following weekend (03.07), where the guys performed as a foursome!

Jim Frye and Dave Harrison
photo courtesy of Catherine Wright

That's right. Dave Harrison of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is the fourth member and new guitarist rockin' with Marty, Jim and Russ.

Russell Sherman
photo courtesy of Catherine Wright

Mass Solo Revolt
photo courtesy of Catherine Wright

I've already been hearing great things about this new configuration! Yay! Can't wait to check it out for myself!

Are you curious too?

Then, come join me!

Go, see them later this month...

Rye Bar
140 E. Clayton Street
Athens, Georgia 30601

Seriously. Do it.

Special thanks to Catherine Wright for sharing the photos used here. I wish I could've been there!

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