LISTEN: The Famous - Come Home to Me

Laurence Scott's vocals are incredible. I find his voice reminiscent of Johnny Cash, whose music was pretty much my introduction to this style of classic rock 'n' roll music. But The Famous are not some kind of Johnny Cash cover band. Oh, heavens, no! Their album is proof of that. A collection of 11 original, delicious songs that will leave you wanting more after your first taste of it.

When I first heard this title track "Come Home to Me", I was left with a one word reaction. Damn! Who are these guys? The song is sad, dramatic and heavy but also filled with some damn sexy swagger. Charlie Wilson's special guest appearance on trombone...whew! Hot! It became an instant favorite, and I knew I had to listen to the whole album.

Come Home To Me (2010) leaves me feeling like I'm in another place. Where the music from an era before my time meets the one I exist in now. Where the raw foundations of classic rock 'n' roll are met with the modern edge of today. And in some funny way, I'm getting to experience what it's like to have lived in those times when music like this was fresh and new. These guys DO NOT mess around. The music is gorgeous... and you REALLY have to have a listen for yourself.

Best Songs
I love the storytelling, in the songs. Not only in the lyrics and vocals, but in the guitars...the bass...the drums... all of it. In fact, the last track, "Under the Stars" is an instrumental piece, and it is just beautiful...absolutely beautiful.
"Perspicacious" is an addictive song, where once it finishes, I have to listen to it again. Might as well leave it on repeat! My favorite part?
"You're so full of it! Best watch what you do! I've got my eye...on you..."
Ha ha ha. Awesome. Well these guys are definitely full of talent, energy, and stories to tell. So don't miss out on the creations of Laurence Scott, Victor Barclay, Chris Fruhauf and G.D. Hensley. They are The Famous.

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Unknown said...

I liked Perspicacious quite a lot. Will have to download the album and see what else I like.

Come Home to Me, is probably more appropriately likened to Leonard Cohen, than Johnny Cash. Over all I dig it so far.

I will let you know after I have had a chance to hear the whole album.